"Welcome to Mission Street Burrito" header on yellow textured background with slogan "Serving Authentic San Francisco Mission Style Plant-Based Burritos.

Feeling hungry for some delicious, plant-based, monster 1.5lb San Francisco burritos? Well check out our menu on the following links. Get it delivered through UberEats or order for pickup through our own ordering platform.

Mission Street Burrito serves homage to Owner Isaac Mogannam’s favorite hometown food: The Super Burrito. San Francisco’s Mission District is a cultural melting pot where Taquerias abound on every corner, serving SF’s most notorious and iconic food. While spending over 10 years in the Mission District developing restaurants, his love for burritos became an addiction that was insatiable. After 6 years in Austin, Texas; he figured it was about time and only fitting to open Mission Street Burrito, an Austin food truck serving 100% plant-based, vegan, authentic Mission District style burritos. His dream is so he and others could continue their love affair with the ever famous Mission Burrito.

Vintage black and white postcard featuring a picture of the iconic Mission Dolores in the Mission District in San Francisco. Card reads "Greetings from the Home of the Super Burrito. The Mission District, San Francisco."

Everything on the menu is 100% plant-based (vegan), but can you tell? Our goal is to showcase delicious food that is good enough for any discerning palate to enjoy! An Austin vegan food truck that doesn’t look or taste vegan? That’s us!

Our authentic plant-based proteins come from Plant Ranch (Cena Vegan) in Los Angeles, where the “meats” are fire kissed and seasoned with authentic Mexican flavors. Our oil free, soy free and gluten free cashew-based queso comes from Credo Foods and our tortillas are both made locally here in Austin, Texas. And of course, we make our Tomatillo Salsa, Pico De Gallo, and Guacamole fresh every day!

Picture of a wooded square serving plate filled with avocados resting on a yellow table cloth with the tagline, "Fresh Guac Daily."

“While in the Mission for many years, I saw so many hungry people roaming the streets as part of daily life. With our Missionary Bowl we are able to offer a free meal to anyone in need at anytime. Maybe you’re in between checks, or hit a rough patch, or maybe you just want to buy someone a bowl and “pray it forward”. Our hope is that no one in our community should go hungry. Please come see us and say hello!” -Isaac

Located on E. Riverside & Parker Lane
1210 Parker Lane Austin, TX 78741


"Mission Street Burrito: Plant-Based Burritos on a Mission to Make the World a Better Place" Logo stamped on yellow table cloth surrounded by fresh tortillas, cilantro, lime, citrus press, chilis, spices and tortilla press.